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Twisted Transistor is an hour dedicated to experimental and electronic music from Ottawa and around the world! You’ll explore music with your host GM who will present a mix of her own or one from one of the musicians and producers she meets traveling between the East and The West.


With GM

We at the gospel generation bring music that will uplift and encoaurage our listeners. And we bring a message of hope love peace and restoration through our music and guest we have on the show. As well we promote Gospel artists from Canada America and the world.

Founder: The Lady of Soul (Ruth A. Fisher)


With DJ Mark Ebony (Mark S. Gordon) & The Holy Ghost Soldier (Jamin Steenburgh)

The Circle is your weekly dose of music by Indigenous artists and update on Indigenous stories impacting the Ottawa-Gatineau area, Canada and the World.  Your host, Darren Sutherland discusses current issues and interviews local members of First Nations, Inuit and Metis communities, as well as visitors to the region, about politics, health, the arts, culture, and activism.


With Darren Sutherland

Paroles & Musiques (P&M) présente une soirée principalement de nostalgie offrant les versions originales des plus grandes chansons de l’ère moderne (1955 – 1999). Le choix des pièces reflète la date de l’émission et on relate certains faits et anecdotes qui y sont associés.

Une oeuvre est venue marquer votre vie? Envoyez-nous un courriel racontant cet événement et nous pourrons le présenter à l’auditoire. De plus, les mélomanes d’ici pourront apprécier des ‘nouveautés’ de la semaine. P&M présente aussi des segments d’entrevues pendant lesquels nous diffusons nos échanges avec les artistes que nous recevons.


With Denis Menard

Ottawa’s one and only community radio Bosnian show. Playing the best in contemporary Bosnian music, as well as Sevdah and other traditional styles. Connecting you with Ottawa’s Bosnian community and the folks back in the motherland. Hold on to your Tufahija!!!


With Mirza Loncar

Top 30 is pulled straight from the station’s weekly new release chart: an all killer, no filler distillation of the music CHUO’s show hosts and programmers have been bumping to. Tune in to hear tracks from the freshest releases from Ottawa and around the world alongside interviews with the artists who made them.

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L’Expresso du dimanche est une émission socioculturelle dont l’animateur est professeur de théologie et aumônier d’origine haïtienne. Dans son approche sociale, l’Expresso touche tout ce qui a rapport avec les sociétés, ici et ailleurs, et commente à travers son animateur. Chaque musique jouée à l’Expresso tient compte du contexte de l’émission. Sur le plan culturel, un lien biblique accompagne assez souvent ce qui sera dit. La contribution théologique de l’animateur est très évidente dans l’émission depuis son ouverture, le premier dimanche de mars de l’année 2006.


With Roger Adam

lundi 5pm Views, comments and information about peoples’ movements on the national and international level. Our goal is to provide information and views on the struggle of people for their rights which is not reported on the monopoly media. Whether its workers fighting for a decent standard of living or the movement against unjust wars and aggression, or protecting the natural environment, we provide points of view and analysis from activists and independent journalists who are involved in the struggles. In this way we want to contribute to the discussion in society around these important issues which the monopoly media is trying to manipulate with disinformation.


With Louis Lang